Brie Bunge

Objective: Design and develop experiences that bring happiness to people's lives.

A P2P WebRTC server – inside your browser? What next!

Sophia Westwood and Brie Bunge are two computer science graduate students at Stanford University. They recently submitted a closing school project (judged by external technology companies) and received “Best Technical Innovation” (along with other top awards!), with the comment, “we don’t know the exact use yet, but it will be awesome.” It’s a WebRTC application and (wait for it) is based upon the data channel. Intrigued? So was I...

Khan Academy Internship, Summer 2013

Chapter 1: Technical Growth

Day one: I walk through the door on the first day of my internship, directly into a design sprint (something like this), in which about ten members of the Khan Academy team were discussing a new feature for the website. The social aspects of KA, up to that point, were the discussions, sharing badges on Facebook, and using KA as part of a classroom. This new feature would add a social network within KA. By the conclusion of the multi-day design sprint, I learned that I would own this project as part of the community team.

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Clinkle Internship, Summer 2012

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Interning at Facebook - Coding, Inspiration and BBQs

Sharing my passion for solving hard technical problems and innovating with other people has been one of the most exciting aspects of interning at Facebook. We all share a sense of courage, determination, insatiable curiosity and a zest for challenge, and so far my internship has embodied all of these qualities...